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Secretary - Dylan McDonald                                                                                                                                                               phone 3182636

C/- PDC                                                                                                                                                                                                          fax 3182673

Homebush Road                                                                                                                                                




Meeting:                8 April March, 2003

Present:                Anne McAndrew (President), Malcolm Bennett (Treasurer), Dylan McDonald (Secretary), Juanita McAndrew (Committee), Ted Webster (III Coach), Noel Langridge(IPP), Ash Williams (Committee)


Visitors:                Eddy Arnold and Mary Arnold - 8.30pm

Meeting open at 8.05pm


1.             Apologies:            

Trevor Cochrane, Merv Hynam, Neil McAndrew, David Hynam (III Coach), - Ash/Juanita - Carried


2.             Additions to the Adoption of the Agenda:       


3.             Minutes of the Previous Meeting:    Tuesday 11 March February, 2003.

                a)             Moved for acceptance:       Juanita/Malcolm.                  Carried.

                                Matters Arising

  1. Selwyn do have a under 10/11 combined.  We have U7, U9, U11.
  2. Form for Pub charity to be sent away for quotes - discussion had about pub charity rules.


4.             Inwards Correspondence:

  1. Geraldine Rugby Football Club - clearance transfer for James Galland - Moved for clearance Ash/Noel
  2. ERSU - Official Pass for Anne McAndrew
  3. ERSU - Results notification numbers
  4. ERSU - Minutes of March meeting
  5. ERSU - Promotion/Relegation Rules for 2004
  6. ERSU - Representative Fixtures
  7. Ellesmere JAB - Minutes February
  8. Grasshoppers RFC - Release of Timothy Rhind
  9. CRFU - Confirmation of SRFC is affiliated with the CRFU and can apply for Casino Gaming Machine Grants
  10. Rebel Sport - Quote - socks, drill action playing shorts, embroidery - $1740 incl. GST
  11. Rebel Sport - Quote - 3 junior match balls, 4 senior match balls, 4 training balls - $503 incl. GST
  12. CRFU - situations vacant, circular 2003/19
  13. ERSU - Draw - 22 March - 26 July + Games and venues - till 26 April

                Moved as Tabled:                Anne      Carried.


5.             Outwards Correspondence:

  1. Transfers in - Faxed to W.Busch - Aaron Rothwell, Geoff O’Carroll, Andrew White, Scott McKenzie, Shane Paterson, William Milton, James Irving, Timothy Rhind, Nicholas Berry
  2. Transfers out - Paul Hammet
  3. 3M NZ - re tape for Div III - Dylan on behalf of Dave Hynam
  4. Paykels Engineering - re tape for Div III - Dylan on behalf of Dave Hynam

Moved as Tabled:                Anne      Carried.


6.             Reports

a) President

b) Treasurer - Malcolm


In our bank account we have.(8/4/03)              $13760.78


Malcolm applied for the Insurance - 32 for Div II and 25 for Div III - faxed on Friday at 5.05pm $496 per team, up to $2000 per injury per player per year, compensation will apply after ACC and Health Insurance.  Includes players, coaches and managers.


Money from Anne to Malcolm - $240 for bus, from wood sales


Discussion re apology to Hororata Hotel re forgetting to put name in list of sponsors for golf tournament.





Accounts Outstanding - as at 8/4/03




Details of account

Allied Water Systems


Pump for Club

Bluebird Potato Chips





golf tournament

Canterbury Caterers



Coalgate Tavern


beer, soft drinks, chocolate bars

Darfield Paint and Hardware


Keys cut for Ted

Darfield Pharmacy





Team Entries - Credit $800



carton of chocolate bars

Glentunnel Store


February Account - invoice 0953

Glentunnel Store


February Account - invoice 0953

Malvern News -


golf thank you, apologies to Hororata Hotel

Mitchell Bros -


Wood - pump shed

Press -


Golf Tournament Draw

Tour and Charter


Bus to Timaru - invoice 329

Trevor Cochrane


Countdown - soft drink

Walshes Meats


Ham and saveloys for after match foods








Moved for payment                              Malcom/Trevor                    Carried


Malcolm applied for the Insurance - 32 for Div II and 25 for Div III - faxed on Friday at 5.05pm $496 per team, up to $2000 per injury per player per year, compensation will apply after ACC and Health Insurance.  Includes players, coaches and managers.


Money from Anne to Malcolm - $240 for bus, from wood sales


Discussion re apology to Hororata Hotel re forgetting to put name in list of sponsors for golf tournament.


c) Division 1

d) Division 2

e) JAB

f) Fund-Raising Committee


General Business


  1. Meeting break at 8.32pm for Eddy Arnold and Mary Arnold - a discussion document given to all members.  Malcolm Bennett left the meeting.  He made known his feelings for Arnold and Noel and said he did not trust either of them.  Eddy said “he was at a meeting where subs were discussed.  Eddy felt it was unfair to charge a sub to the III when no-one else paid subs.  Then he gave an undertaking that “as a result of the III grade” the club would not be in a worse off situation.  At the AGM there was accusations that Eddy was guilty of fraud, the III had cost the club lots of money and their behaviour was not up to scratch - from Malcom.  Eddy chose not to be on the committee.  As a result - after a balance sheet was given, Eddy worked out the costs the best he could at the time.  He didn’t have access to the break-down.  He didn’t hear anything about it, after he presented this to some members of the committee.  He said to Ashley and Anne, the accusations were unfounded.  It was then that he got the letter from the club - Eddy said only Dylan knew of it.  Dylan replied that the committee had heard the letter.  Eddy highlighted - “undertaking to not let the club be in any worse situation financially…” - As if the III team never existed…Eddy gave a new breakdown of costs, based on the letter from the club - written by Dylan.  Discussion was had by Eddy, Dylan and others as to the figures given by Eddy to the club, the new workings of the team.  According to Eddy, the income was $10072-01.  The expenses were $8463-60.  Giving a profit of $1608.41 to the club.  Dylan indicated that there are some disagreements about procedures for use of bar profits, the dates of grants to the club and the issue of subs.  Eddy feels that vicious rumours are unfounded.  Eddy was thanked for his time, bid farewell with the knowledge that Dylan would write a letter to him regarding the Committee’s decision for further action or otherwise.  Meeting went back into committee at 9.08pm.


  1. Bus info - Anne had to organise this at last minute, at short notice - Tour and Charter.
  2. Discussion - Total Bar $9634 - cost $5400, profit $4200
  3. Noel left the meeting - and asked whether the Committee wanted him on the club.


  1. Motion - Ash Williams - that the Selwyn Rugby Football Club Committee cease all discussion and correspondence regarding the seasons prior to and including 2002 and get concentrate on the 2003 season for all teams.  Seconded by Juanita.  All in favour.  Carried.


  1. Costs for food - all items (drinks, chips, chocolate bars) to stay at $1


  1. Cost of food - a player in Div II, deal from Sheffield Caterers discussed.  However, due to costs being better elsewhere we will not be pursuing Sheffield.  Gary Townsend donated cost of sausages, Canterbury Grasslands, RD2 Darfield.


  1. The Committee wants Noel Langridge to continue to be a member.  Noel’s contribution to the club is greatly appreciated.  Noel’s position on the club is of right as immediate past president and his contribution is valued.


  1. Rosters made up for getting beer for the club - communication.  Suggestion from Anne - to Ted - to get two players to clean the sheds out after the game. 


  1. We try to sell two booklets - 2 raffles - trays of meat.


  1. Ted wants Div III players to support the club, to buy raffle tickets etc and Ted wants to know if players aren’t supportive.


  1. Resolution passed that funding be sought through Pub Charity for dress wear.  That we get sizes and numbers of Dress Shirts and a Vest for Div II and Div III players, and coaches and managers for all teams and that funding for this is sought through the Pub Charity.  Cost of embroidery included, GST correctly identified, numbers identified.  Embroidery - Miller Bar on Left of Shirts.  Coalgate Tavern on Vests.  Selwyn Rugby Club on both items.  Moved by Anne, all in favour, carried.
  2. Ties - sale of ties for $15.  Rest of cost to be met by club.


  1. Ted wants more cones - for practice - 20 cones.  Four more hit bags wanted.   Anne to purchase through Rebel Sport.  Moved by Malcolm, seconded by Ash.   All in favour.  Carried.


  1. Light in shed needed - sports gear.  Trevor Cochrane to be approached by Anne.


  1. Better lighting needed for club-room.


  1. A gate is being erected where the chain is.  Domain Board are doing it. 


  1. Golf - no bill from golf club so far.  Approximately $2500 profit.  $300 still to be collected from Del Anco.  Prize delivery to be done to Bob Carter.


  1. Lucy Nimmo wood to be delivered, still some payments to be made.


  1. Bar fridges need servicing.  Noel Langridge to ensure this gets done ASAP.  Then they need to stay turned on.


  1. Andrew from McCormick Motors has paid some money to pay for transport of a player.  Malcolm to ring Andrew and check on costs, and thank him.


Duties for Secretary

  1. Letter to Gary Townsend.
  2. Pub Charity applications.
  3. 2 letters still to be sent from February meeting.
  4. Letter to Eddy Arnold.


Meeting Closed - 10.20pm.                                                                Minutes Approved:                                                              Chairperson


                                                                                                                At the April Meeting (date)                                              

Next meeting.

Meetings to now be held Second Tuesday of each month.


13 May                   10 June                 8 July                     12 August             9 September        

14 October            11 November        16 December


Copies of Minutes to:

Malcolm 3182845 (fax)                      Noel 3182864 (fax)             Neil McAndrew    Boulder Park, Sleemans Road, RD2 Darfield

Merv       copy from school  Dave 3182708 (fax)