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Meeting:                Monday 2 December 2002

Present:                Anne McAndrew (President), Trevor Cochrane (Vice-President), Noel Langridge (IPP), Malcolm Bennett (Treasurer)

                                Dylan McDonald (Secretary), Neil McAndrew (Committee), Pete McAndrew (Committee)




Meeting open at 8.09pm

1.             Apologies:            


2.             Additions to the Adoption of the Agenda:       


3.             Minutes of the Previous Meeting:    Thursday 12 November.

                a)             Moved for acceptance:       Noel, Neil                                                                               Carried.

                                Matters Arising

                i)              Thank you to Trevor for the work at the speed shearing raffle night. $582.20

                ii)             One of the raffles went missing.

                iii)            Certificate of exemption from IRD granted.  $240.97 exempt.

                iv)           GST registration forms available, advised not to register, as we are too small.

                v)            Press Bill has been paid.


4.             Inwards Correspondence: 

                1.             Canterbury Rugby Sub Union - JAB selector/coachers and team managers for rep teams 2003 season wanted.

                2.             Margaret Reeve (Lenco) - Jersey costs 2003 season.

                3.             Hamish Riach (CEO CRFU) - Congratulations for success in 2002 season.

                4.             Ellesmere Rugby Sub Union - AGM agenda 4 December, 2002.

                5.             Ellesmere Rugby Sub Union - JAB AGM minutes 30 October, 2002.

                6.             Glentunnel School - Invoice - $22.50 certificates photocopying (season JAB)

                7.             Noel Langridge - copy of customer enquiry - shirts etc (Garment Graphics)


                Discussion regarding application for Division 1, will likely come up at the Ellesmere Sub Union Meetings.  Pete requested to     read the letter from CRFU.  Noel will attend the ERRS AGM.


                Moved as Tabled:                Carried.


5.             Outwards Correspondence:

                Anne has applied to Ellesmere for Division 1 team to and notified of change of officers before 28 November.

                Moved as accepted by .                                                     Carried. 


6.             Reports


a) President

b) Treasurer

In our bank account we have.            $2953.87 

Account from  Glentunnel School     $22.50                     moved to be paid by Malcolm/Noel  carried.

Malcolm has ordered an order book with club letterhead on it. 

Change of signatories form needs to be done.  A copy of Dylan’s driver’s licence be given to Malcolm so that Dylan can become a signatory (as per normal - have secretary, treasurer and chairperson)  Report moved for acceptance                   Malcolm/ Noel  carried.


c) Division 1

d) Division 2

e) JAB

f) Fund-Raising Committee



General Business

1:            Outstanding Account - Shirts etc.                   Legal opinion from Malcolm’s lawyer - go to the police.  At 1.15pm the next day, Ashley’s lawyer (Steve Hembrow) said the first step is a letter.  He asked for the facts.  The club should send a letter to Eddy.  It is in the minutes that the club would be self-funding, the goods become the property of Edward Arnold, the goods are effectively advertising.  What about the supplier?  They should be given the courtesy of a letter or a visit about the clubs lack of control, didn’t order the goods, no order number, no knowledge of goods being charged to the club.  Furthermore, Malcolm contacted the supplier in person, John Whitehead said that Noel had been to see him and had never met him before that day.  He said, that is what Edward told him to put.  He wanted to know why the invoices had not been received.  He had had dealings with Hororata Hotel, had been okay in the past.  He had instructions from Eddy to get this gear and Michael Irvine went there to have a look at the jackets and the design.  The smallest account, polo shirts etc, was the first one to be finished (as explained to Ed Arnold), all the time John thought that Eddy was paying for the whole lot.  They decided on the set up of the jackets and the polo shirts, collected by Edward on the 11/6/02.  The tracksuit tops, were drip fed to the team, someone from the III team picked them up over a few weeks.  When the last lot were ready, Eddy said they were picked up from supplier, Eddy turned up in the red van with Hororata and Canterbury Draft on it.  John Whitehead is prepared to come a meeting.  Malcolm indicated that Eddy had denied knowledge of the shirts, John said that was a lie.


Noel has asked John Whitehead to give us a copy of the quote that we put in for a grant.  This will allow us to more accurately identify why there was a discrepancy between the amount requested and the final amount that it cost.


Malcolm felt that Eddy told us lies at the meeting and thinks we need to send a letter to Eddy Arnold for a response.  That it is Eddy’s responsibility to settle the account.  John was quite reasonable about the ordeal.


Selwyn Rugby Football Club still has an outstanding account for the jackets. 

There is the dilemma of the application process to get money for the club through the Pub Charity Inc.


Noel indicated that Eddy will apply to Pub Charity if he is given a bill.  There is still a shortfall of $400 if we use the money from the Pub Charity.


Malcolm Moved that we send a letter to Eddy Arnold, written and signed by Malcolm, Merv, Dylan outlining the exact costs involved in having the III team and the balance to settle the account before the end of the year.                              Seconded by Pete.  All in favour, carried.


If we send him an account and he wants to go through Pub Charity, any resolution will need to go through the committee.


2:            Noel brought up the costs of the bill for posts.  Noel claimed through his own public liability, there was an accident when digging, $295 money outstanding, the Council has indicated that the two plans of wiring were different.  Noel is investigating with the council.  The Combined Sports now have a public liability insurance for any work.  Noel was voluntarily doing the work.  Noel wants to know if it is okay for him to get this outstanding amount through the council. 


3:            Hay carting - Pete has some guys jacked up to get this work done.  This fund-raiser is for the rugby club.  The money raised from this venture is to go towards the costs of Division 1 team.  On Saturday - 6/7 some rugby guys went to Hororata and were involved in a study about rugby boots.  Shane Dickson asked for the money (donation) to be sent to the Rugby Club.


4:            Malcolm has a new cashbook so all teams will be separated in terms of income and expenditure.


5:            Golf Tournament - if it is to go ahead, then it must be actioned sooner than later.  Ashley suggested that Meridian may be involved as a Corporate Sponsor.  Graham Simes will be a good person to organise it.  Pip Oliver needs to know some dates to use as a guide.  Dylan indicated that the School will not be having a golf fund-raiser in 2003.  Start of March is a good time, suggested by Anne.  Noel suggested Mid March.  Our start date for Division I is 24 March.  16 or 23 of February or the 2nd of March suggested to Noel to go for.


6:            Stock drive discussion, 2002 was done in April.  Shane was talking to Noel, and could approach a firm to buy Bobby Calves and then sell them back to the company.  This is a possible source of money for the club.   Weaned calves are available now. 


7:            Firewood drive needed at Grasslands - Saturday 1 February.  Log splitters on the go - Mac Mart to be approached for free use of log splitter.  Major fund-raiser for the whole club.  Dylan to ask Mac’s Mart for the log-splitter (or Jerry).  If Saturday is wet, then do on Sunday.


8:            Pete suggested that Lamb Crutching is another fund-raiser.



9:            Robbie Merriman was approached to coach the III team, Dave Hynam was approached to coach forwards.  Dylan has asked Rod Oliver if he was keen to coach.  Shane is keen to do the backs.  Trevor to ask Richard Loe if he knows anyone.  Bob Bennett has been out of rugby for long time. 


Meeting Closed - 9.20pm.                                                  Minutes Approved:                                                              Chairperson


                                                                                                                At the January Meeting (date)          23 January 2003.

Next meeting.

Meetings to be held Third Tuesday of each month.


21 January                           18 February                          18 March                              15 April

20 May                                   17 June                                 15 July                                  19 August

16 September                       21 October                            18 November                        16 December


Copies of Minutes to:

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Noel                        3182864                (fax)

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