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Secretary - Dylan McDonald                                                                                                                                                               phone 3182636

C/- PDC                                                                                                                                                                                                          fax 3182673

Homebush Road                                                                                                                                                




Meeting:                18 February, 2003

Present:                Anne McAndrew (President), Malcolm Bennett (Treasurer), Dylan McDonald (Secretary), Neil McAndrew (Committee),  Trevor Cochrane (Committee),  Mike Searle (Committee), Ash Williams (Committee), Noel Langridge (IPP), Pete McAndrew (Committee),


Meeting open at 8.00pm


1.             Apologies:            

Juanita McAndrew (Committee), Merv Hynam (Committee), Shane Dixon (Committee). Trev/Dylan - Carried


2.             Additions to the Adoption of the Agenda:       

3.             Minutes of the Previous Meeting:    Thursday 23 January, 2003.

                a)             Moved for acceptance:       Malcolm/Trevor.  Carried.

                                Matters Arising

                1.             Letter to Eddy still to be sent

                2.             No JAB coaches at this stage have come forward. Coaches to be organized on JAB day.



4.             Inwards Correspondence: 

1.        ERSU – Division 1 Criteria for Team Entry to Ellesmere/Mid Canterbury Combined Division 1 Grade.

2.        ERSU – Receipt for $120

3.        ERSU – Nomination form 2003

4.        ERSU – Addition to dates to remember, Mouth guard numbers

5.        ERSU – Team Entries 2003

6.        ERSU – Minutes of ERSU Management Committee, Finance Report, JAB Exec Meeting Minutes

7.        ERSU – Division 1 Player Registration Team Master Sheet

8.        Marist Albion Rugby Club – information re Wayne McWhirter nomination to CRFU Board of Directors

9.        NZRugbyNet - Application for NZRugbyNet

10.     CRFU – NZRugbyNet Training information

11.     CRFU – Girls Age Rugby 6 Tournaments – 1 per month April – September, entries by 26th March.

12.     CRFU – Mouthguards 2003, Responsible Gambling Bill

13.     CRFU – Clubs Accounts – to be forwarded to Tim Gilkinson prior to AGM on 24 Feb (next Monday)

14.     CRFU – Womens 10-a-side Tournament – 22 March, entries by 14th March, $100 per team

15.     Rebel Sport – Catalogue and Internet Ordering Application form

16.     CRFU – Club Database (including floppy disk)

17.     CRFU – Request for pre-season referees form

18.     CRFU – Women’s Rugby AGM – Agenda for Monday 3 March.

19.     Wrightsons – sponsorship for SRFC – shorts – Seniors and Beanies + $10 for dog biscuit sales.


                Moved as Tabled:                Ash/Dylan            Carried.


5.             Outwards Correspondence:

  1. Dylan to Regan Coleman (Rick Armstrong) re sponsorship
  2. Dylan to Malvern News re SRFC JAB day.
  3. Dylan to Malvern Schools re SRFC JAB day.
  4. Noel approached the SDC for a grant about a pump – need letter.  Quote - $995+ GST
  5. Ash approaching sponsors for Golf Tournament


Moved as Tabled:                Anne                      Carried.


6.             Reports

a) President

b) Treasurer

In our bank account we have.            $3952.10

Accounts outstanding.                       Turners Stationery Order book, Stamp pad                     21.40

                                                                Malvern Record – get together                                         36.00


Money Received $1340

Firewood – $240 Hororata Hotel, J McAndrew $120, Coalgate $480, Penny Taylor $120


To Pay us G. Wilson 240


Moved for payment                              Malcom/Neil                         Carried


c) Division 1

d) Division 2

e) JAB

f) Fund-Raising Committee


General Business

Outstanding Account - Shirts etc. – Dylan to finalise the account and letter on behalf of Anne.

Golf Tournament –  All holes sponsored – Well done to Ash, most will bring their own plates, sponsorship board needed, prizes getting dropped off at Sheffield and Darfield.  Noel volunteered to help get prizes, other prizes needed.  Anne has bought 20 prizes.  Some sponsors have given money but not for a hole.  Hamish Low will be the preferred grocer.  Ham donated for meal – by Welshs Meat.  Potatoes and Salad need.  Ross Armstrong at Alex McDonald Seed Merchants.  Draw in paper, but not many people have bought tickets.  Mike Searle had offered to donate cost of advertising – thanks given to Mike.  Anne to organise Press Advert.  $20.  Helpers needed on the Day.  Keith doing the BBQ, Graham Simes doing the draw.  Juanita selling raffle tickets.  Alcohol Raffle to be organized.  Malcolm Suggested Gallon Whiskey for raffle.  Moved by Ash/Noel – Carried.

Firewood drive  - Letter of thanks to Gary Townshend – Canterbury Grasslands – re wood donation.  RD2 Darfield.  Neil would like Peter to be purchased a new chain.  Ash seconded, All in favour – carried.  Senior Players did about 7 cord of wood.  Peter to organize next chop.    Another 6 cord ordered for. 

4.             Coaches – still needed.

5.             JAB.  Posts still being organsied through Rod and Lee Golding.

6.             Combined sports raffles - Feb is the Rugby club’s turn - Fridays, meat at the pub already.    7th Feb - Merv, 14th - Juanita,          21st - Anne, 28th Ash.

7.             Watering of grounds is a contentious issue with regard to combined use of field with Cricket. 

8.             Darfield Terrace and Cafι have suggested we apply through trust, take to Tony at Darfield.  Moved by Ash to apply through Bendigo Charitable Trust for $1000.  This would be used for a new pump to water the field.  Seconded by Malcolm.  Carried.  Noel to organise pump and copy quote to.  Permission given to Noel to organise this.    Anne to ring Jimmy Reardon regarding watering field.

9.             Possible to approach Darfield Hotel for funding –

10.          Ball size – 4 for Under 13 and below.

11.          Ash would like to recognize Rebel Sports willingness to do great deals for the club.  Would like to offer Rebel the chance to supply everything we need.

12.          Wrightsons Letter – discussed. – purchase dog food through Wrightsons and get $10 for club.

13.          The Club needs more balls – 2 match balls, per team, 5-6 training balls, per team,  Noel to get balls from Ed.  Dylan to ring Union and then Rebel to quote. Also shorts and embroidery needed quickly.  Motion -  that a request for funds for shorts, embroidery, socks and rugby balls be put to Pub Charity.  Anne/Neil - Carried

14.          Scouting for Division III team – Ted Webster, or Anne McAndrew.

15.          Super 12 Tickets.  6 doubles for Super 12 at this stage.

Dylan and Mike – 2 each for 22 Feb.  Other tickets to be given to other members of committee and helpers through Anne.

16.          Letter to Jack O’Day – Box 59 Christchurch Canterbury Draught – letter of what is happening for Selwyn.               Youngster etc,

17.           Sheffield – happy to help with us getting an Under 11, if we are happy to help with U13 them.

18.          Letter to Dave Lyndon for use of Wood Splitter – Dylan to do.

19.           Changing the meeting – Second Tuesday of every month – 8pm at clubrooms.

20.           Working Bee at the Club – for both fields – goal posts etc 23 March  - Sunday.


Meeting Closed - 9.30pm.                                                  Minutes Approved:                                                              Chairperson


                                                                                                                At the March Meeting (date)                                            

Next meeting.

Meetings to now be held Second Tuesday of each month.


11 March                              8 April                   13 May                   10 June                 8 July

12 August                             9 September         14 October            11 November        16 December

Copies of Minutes to:

Malcolm                3182845                (fax)

Noel                        3182864                (fax)

Neil McAndrew    Boulder Park, Sleemans Road, RD2 Darfield

Merv                       copy from school