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Secretary - Dylan McDonald                                                                                                                                                               phone 3182636

C/- PDC                                                                                                                                                                                                          fax 3182673

Homebush Road                                                                                                                                                




Meeting:                13 May, 2003

Present:                Trevor Cochrane (Acting Chair), Malcolm Bennett (Treasurer), Dylan McDonald (Secretary), Juanita McAndrew,  Ted Webster, Noel Langridge, David

                                Hynam, Mike Searle, Shane Dickson, Gibb Johnson



Meeting open at 8.15pm


1.             Apologies:             Anne McAndrew (President), Merv Hynam, Neil McAndrew, Peter McAndrew, Ash Williams

                                                Moved for acceptance of apologies by Dylan/Noel -Carried.

2.             Additions to the Adoption of the Agenda:       

                                                Motion by Malcolm that the minutes of this meeting stay in this committee.  Seconded by Juanita.

3.             Minutes of the Previous Meeting:    Tuesday 8 April, 2003.

                a)             Moved for acceptance:       Ted/Juanita.                          Carried.

                                Matters Arising

  1. Shirts - 14 players, quote from Rod, Div III filled in forms, Div II to get forms from Pub Charity/Millar Bar, and get this information to Dylan.
  2. Light - Chris Nicholls still to do.  Waiting for permission.  Moved by Ted that we allow Chris to do it, seconded by Dave.  Carried.
  3. Firewood - still for sale, for locals, contact Trevor or Shane for wood.


4.             Inwards Correspondence:

  1. Allan McCabe Trust - Malcolm/Noel - moved not to action.  Carried.  Dylan to return to sender.
  2. Bendigo Trust - re extra quote.
  3. Bill $30 for unregistered player.  Ted wants to dispute this due to an error on Ellesmere behalf.
  4. CRFU - Keeping players in the Game.

                Moved as Tabled:                Trev/Noel              Carried.


5.             Outwards Correspondence:

  1. Application to Bendigo Trust/Pub Charity
  2. Faxed Letter to Mr Arnold.

Moved as Tabled:                Trev/Noel              Carried.


6.             Reports

a) President

b) Treasurer - Malcolm


In our bank account we have.(13/5/03)            $13949.35


Moved for payment                              Malcom/Dave       Carried


Retrospective motion to pay for pump ($1108.03) and Canteen Sweets ($108.23)  Malcolm/Dylan - Carried.



c) Division 1

d) Division 2

e) JAB

f) Fund-Raising Committee


General Business

  1. A toilet pan is leaking - needs some fixing - needs some attention, Noel and Trevor are going to action.
  2. Field - been mown today - lines to be mown and Pete going to mow and oil lines.  Rubbish was taken away today.
  3. Ties arrived today, discussion had re: Shirts needing club logo over left (heart).
  4. Ted indicated new players will need new shirts.  Shirts can be given when subs and registration done.
  5. Heaps of firewood ringed, dry enough to burn - needs to be split.
  6. Gibb gave $300 ($210 subs, $90 socks) to Malcolm
  7. Trev gave $1010 ($1000 subs, $10 socks) to Malcolm.
  8. Div II have got socks, so have all teams.
  9. Please be aware of the lights when leaving the club rooms at night.


Duties for Secretary


Meeting Closed - 9.07pm.                                                  Minutes Approved:                                                              Chairperson


                                                                                                                At the June Meeting (date)                10 June 2003

Next meeting.

Meetings to now be held Second Tuesday of each month.


10 June                 8 July                     12 August             9 September        

14 October            11 November        16 December


Copies of Minutes to:

Malcolm 3182845 (fax)                      Noel 3182864 (fax)             Neil McAndrew    Boulder Park, Sleemans Road, RD2 Darfield

Merv       copy from school  Dave 3182708 (fax)